Energy Drinks Market in China: The beverage market’s fastest growing segment

the energy drinks market in China

Bottled drinking water, ready-to-drink tea and soft drinks always dominated the beverage market in China. In 2019, they accounted for 34.5%, 21.1% and 14.9% of China’s beverage sales.  After years of development, fruit juice and energy drinks markets have also become an important part of the beverage industry. In 2019, the top four companies in […]

Market Study on: 7up in China

Whenever 7Up is mentioned, many people will immediately think of Fido Dido, 7Up’s personalized dynamic kid mascot. Its positioning as the “non-cola” cleverly helped the brand avoid competing with the two cola giants, Coca and Pepsi Cola.  The meaning of 7Up 1. Wake up: Decide to have a good day, This is the day the lord […]