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What is the recipe for successful China market entry strategy?

china market entry

Navigating the complexities of China’s business culture and political environment is crucial for a successful market entry. With over 1.4 billion inhabitants, China has the largest population in the world, offering businesses a vast pool of potential customers and clients. The middle class in the nation is also growing quickly as more and more people […]

Cartier in China: The king of jewelers

Cartier in China

“Jeweler to kings, king of jewelers” said King Edouard VII about Cartier. The jewelry and watchmaking House is prestigious for its finest quality. Since 1847, the brand is developing some of the most prestigious jewellery in the world. With time, their brand expanded; now including watches, pens and other luxury goods. In 1992, Cartier started […]

5 Things everyone gets wrong when starting a business in China

starting a business in China

Starting a business in China is a brave and bold move. It requires sacrificing an average of 70 hours a week for several years. This, in essence, is what most startups fail to recognize. Success doesn’t come overnight. So, if you are looking to open a new chapter in life and start a business, here […]

China Paradigm 77: How to introduce a premium brand to China with Mike Hofmann

introduce a premium brand to China

In this episode of China Paradigm, Mike Hofmann, Managing Director at Melchers (Beijing) Ltd., speaks with Matthieu David-Experton about supporting the exportation and operations of companies in China. 1:02 About Melchers 3:48 Net sales 5:27 Melchers’ case studies that are most illustrative of China 8:09 Competing with other companies 10:06 Elements and circumstances to why […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #14: How to run a creative brand consulting company in China

brand consulting China

Mattieu David, founder of China Paradigm, interviews Qin Guo, managing partner of the branding agency BSUR. Guo took a different entrepreneurial path, rather than starting her own company, she brought an international company to China. In this China podcast, Guo tells her story of establishing the Shanghai office of the branding company BSUR. She organized […]

How to work with KOLs in China

In recent years, KOLs have become a phenomenon in China. A KOL in China, known as an influencer in western countries, refers to a person, organization, or community who creates high-quality content on social media and has a group of loyal followers (ranging from thousands to millions) engaging with them. Baidu Index shows remarkable growth […]

Carrefour China Market Entry Strategy

Carrefour China market entry strategy

Carrefour China Market Entry Strategy 250 cities with a population over 1 million and a steady rise in living standards…  For the mass-market retailing, China offers limitless opportunities; more than for any other market segment. However, along with opportunities, foreign brands come up with numerous challenges regarding customers’ tastes, which are highly accurate in China. […]

Finding a business partner in China

finding business a partner in China

Finding a business partner in China China is one of the world’s most attractive markets for entrepreneurs looking for worldwide expansion, however doing business in China is a completely different deal from doing business in Europe, or in the U.S., whether it be because of different cultures or different business habits. Finding a business partner […]

Entry of Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation in China

Playstation in China

Entry of Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation in China In January 2014, China has lifted a 14-year-old ban on foreign gaming consoles: based on the concern that it might have negative impact on children, the ban was lifted within Shanghai’s free-trade zone, and consoles, can now be sold all across Mainland China. Our focus is on […]

China market entry: Interview with Bob Louison

Bob Louison started his career as a bartender in Paris, but gained fame in London. Working in the best night clubs in Paris and Ibiza, he became one of the most famous modern mixologists and bartenders because of his great cocktail recipes and his talents in the art of “flaring”. In 2008, Bob opened “Spirit It,” a company that […]