Entry of Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation in China

Playstation in China

Entry of Xbox, Nintendo and PlayStation in China In January 2014, China has lifted a 14-year-old ban on foreign gaming consoles: based on the concern that it might have negative impact on children, the ban was lifted within Shanghai’s free-trade zone, and consoles, can now be sold all across Mainland China. Our focus is on […]

China market entry: Interview with Bob Louison

Bob Louison started his career as a bartender in Paris, but gained fame in London. Working in the best night clubs in Paris and Ibiza, he became one of the most famous modern mixologists and bartenders because of his great cocktail recipes and his talents in the art of “flaring”. In 2008, Bob opened “Spirit It,” a company that […]

Register a WFOE / WFOE in China

Starting a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise in China. Due to the recent focus on the emerging economies in Asia, international firms the world over have been pursuing entry into the vibrant and dynamic markets of the continent. China particularly has seen record numbers of foreign companies wanting to set-up operations in the country and the […]