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Internet Censorship in China explained

internet censorship in China

The Internet and social media are pervasive and transformative forces in contemporary China. Nearly half of China’s 1.3 billion citizens now use the Internet. Use of the internet in China began in three phrases. First, with the advent of Internet cafés. Second, with the expansion of home and office based computers. Third, with the widespread […]

Divorce in China: will the post COVID-19 spike remain a trend?

divorce in China

China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs declared that over four million couples divorced in 2018, up 2% from the same period last year. China’s divorce rate has been steadily rising over the past ten years and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. During and after China’s coronavirus quarantine period, Global Times reported […]

China’s conquest of wine: Evolving wine drinking habits in China

wine consumption habits in China

Over the last ten years, China has been making up for lost time in terms of wine consumption, knowledge, and production. Although the country has a longer history with beer and hard liquor, wine drinking habits in China are evolving. E-commerce and westernized lifestyles: The wine market in China is changing at a quick pace […]

A peek into Chinese views of other countries | Daxue Consulting

chinese stereotypes of other countries

Why do Chinese People wear Masks and drink hot Water?   Chinese views of other countries through the questions they ask online Google search engine auto-complete results show that these are the questions asked about China and Chinese people. Though these questions are all-too-familiar with expats in China and those outside of China, many of […]

China Demographics Quiz

Quiz your China knowledge How much do you really know about Chinese consumers? What monthly income is considered middle class in China? Take our China demographics quiz, and learn a thing or two! powered by Typeform Daxue Consulting can help you find the right consumers for your products in China Make the new economic China […]

Luxury Brands In China: Luxury Car, Hermès and Gucci

As China became the world’s largest auto market, the rate of luxury car sales has doubled. In the year of 2002, Bentley officially opened China’s market. In 2009, 421 Bentley cars was sold and China has become Bentley’s third largest market, only following the United States and Britain. In July 2010, Bentley established the Bentley […]

Report on Attitudes Towards Accessories and Luxury Goods in China

Increased disposable income and changing consumer habits have resulted in a growing number of Chinese consumers being able to indulge their passions for luxury goods. Indeed, the massive increases in wealth amongst many have meant that spending on luxury goods has made Chinese consumers the second-largest group of those purchasing these products in the world. […]

Market analysis: Zhengzhou

Market analysis: Zhengzhou To know the business opportunities in Zhengzhou, contact-us. The cultural sites in Zhengzhou : Shaolin Temple Zhengzhou (郑州) is a city on the south bank of the Yellow River (Huang He) in China. It is the capital of the Henan Province. Located in the center of the country, Zhengzhou is now a major […]

Cost of baby in China

Because of  the inflation and the increase of living cost, Chinese young couples seem to be more anxious about raising a baby than years ago, especially for those who living in first-tier cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Taking Shanghai for example, it will spend over 30,000 a year on average for raising a child […]