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[Podcast] China paradigm #17: How to best engage consumers in China

China marketing podcast 17

In this episode of China Paradigm, Matthieu David interviews Eliza Mao, the customer service director at SPLIO, an omnichannel marketing platform helping brands manage their loyalty programs and marketing campaigns from one platform. In this interview, Eliza shares WeChat marketing strategies, online and offline strategy for customer engagement, and explains how to carry out successful […]

Market study: Luxury brands In China

Chinese counterfeits hurt Lafite Some brands are finally beginning to fail in the Chinese market. The Lafite case is pretty typical. Enthusiastic pursuit towards Lafite in China began in the year 2000 and continued  for the following 10 years as the price kept rising by 30% every year. Lafite became a sales legend in China […]

Retailing Myth:H&M

Master in Europe At present, H&M is not strange to most people, because we almost can see the logo at every department in relative developed cities in China. It is becoming more and more popular with people at all ages. H&M, short for Hennes&Mauritz AB, is founded by Erling Persson in Sweden in 1947 and […]

Folli Follie in China

Affordable luxury                             Folli Follie Group is an international Greek company which is famous for jewllery, watches and fashion accessories. It has a history of 38 years and is now covering a large market share throughout the world in 25 countries with more than 390 exclusive shops.  The company applies the integration of manufacturing and retailing […]

Market research: Foreign supermarkets in China

Three supermarket giants meeting in one city  Tesco, Wal-Mart and Carrefour, the three behemoths of the global retail industry, have all opened supermarkets in Shenyang, the capital city of the Liaoning province in North-east China, making it one of only a small number of cities in the world where these three retailers compete with each […]

Consumer Market Trends in China

Demand for packaged food has grown rapidly at the expense of loose products in recent years, driven by rising incomes, demand for convenience and quality and the development of modern retail structures. However, per capita expenditure remains extremely low by Western standards. Dairy products was a particular area of growth, with sales up by 115% […]

Overview of Jiangsu Economy

A.     Jiangsu is one of the provinces relatively developed in economy in China. In 1992, its GDP doubled the level of 1980 and in 1997, tripled. The annual growth rate is 11.2% during the period of the Ninth Five-Year-Plan (1996-2000). In 2000, the provincial GDP and fiscal income surmounted to US$45 billion and GDP per […]

Why outsourcing is not working in China?

It is highly unlikely that China will follow India to become a global outsourcing hub. One of the main constraints is that few of China’s vast number of university graduates are capable of working successfully in the services export sector, and the fast-growing domestic economy absorbs most of those who could. The growing number of […]