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Aranya is an escape from the city turmoil for Chinese middle-class Millennials

Aranya is a pioneer of cultural and tourism real estate projects in China. The brand has cultural tourism development projects in Beidaihe, Jinshanling, Wulingshan and Sanya. However, by the time Aranya was built in 2013, the Chinese government was already starting to crack down on the real estate bubble. Back then, Aranya was regarded as […]

How financially independent are Chinese millennials?

Chinese milleniials

As the Chinese middle class keeps growing, foreign and domestic brands have been rushing to satiate the growing appetite of Chinese consumers. Having grown up during a period of economic prosperity, Chinese millennials (those born between 1996 and 1981) are now a strong engine of the booming Chinese economy. As the Chinese society gets wealthier, […]

Indispensable but Sidelined: The Chinese working class

Chinese working class

The Chinese working class is over five times bigger than the middle class. Businesses would be wise to pay more attention to them. Everyone is talking about China’s middle class, but no surprises here. Estimates at the lower end of the spectrum total the Chinese middle-class to 110 million people (total workforce is 770 million). This […]

China’s Middle Class: An Emerging Market

China's Middle Class

China’s Middle Class and its consumption pattern The World has witnessed China’s rapid economic growth since the beginning of 21th century. Meanwhile, its prosperous economy enables great numbers of people to join China’s middle Class, who are more affluent and have greater personality. The Chinese emerging middle-class consumers bring many opportunities to foreign companies in […]