Chinese Millennials Infographic: Understanding Chinese Millennials

Daxue consulting-Consumer insights China-Chinese millennials infographic

Tech savvy, individualistic, and spendthrift: these adjective are only the tip of the iceberg to define Chinese millennials. Unlike the millennials of the rest of the world, the Chinese ones are the first generation to have grown up with political stability, rapid economic growth, and a rising digital connection to the world, which widens all […]

Chinese Millennials Behavior: Why are Chinese Millennials Not Cooking?

Chinese Millennials Behavior

Monitoring the Chinese millennials behavior will only become more important due to increases in spending power. This key group of technology savvy, Internet-connected and educated consumers alone represents nearly a third of the Chinese population and is larger than the whole working population in the United States. In total, there are around 400 million Chinese millennials, aged between […]