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Daxue consulting-Consumer insights China-Chinese millennials infographic

Chinese Millennials Infographic: Understanding Chinese Millennials

Tech savvy, individualistic, and spendthrift: these adjective are only the tip of the iceberg to define Chinese millennials. Unlike the millennials of the rest of the world, the Chinese ones are the first generation to have grown up with political stability, rapid economic growth, and a rising digital connection to the world, which widens all the more the generation gap between them and their parents.  This article from the lastest Daxue research: ” Chinese Millennials Infographic” will help you to see the hidden part of the iceberg about Chinese millennials.

A Chinese specificity: Post 80’s (八零后) and Post 90’s (九零后) distinction

Chinese Millennials Infographic

Chinese Millennials Habits

Defined as people between 18 and 35 years old, Chinese millennials account for nearly a third of the overall Chinese population. While they are considered one wide age group around the world, they are broken down into two different groups in China: post 80’s (八零后) born between 1980 and 1989, and post 90’s (九零后) born between 1990 and 1999. The Chinese society went through significant progress between 80s and 90s, with increased internet access and a booming economy. This gap justifies the distinction between the post 80’s and the post 90’s who grew up with very different mentality between them.”

 Chinese Millennials Infographic: Who are they in three words?

Chinese Millennials PopulationChinese Millennials Consumption

  • Educated

Chinese millennials benefit from better education than previous generations. More than the half of the millennials in China graduated with a Bachelors degree and almost a quarter with a Masters degree.

  • Affluent

The average annual household income increased 15 fold from 1990 to 2014, creating a generation of millennials characterized by their conspicuous consumption.

  • Urbanized

The Chinese rate of urbanization that almost tripled between 1980 and 2015. The rapid process of urbanization allows the Chinese born after 1980 to evolve in better living standards than those of previous generations.

Chinese Millennials Shopping
















Chinese Millennials Report



How to connect with Chinese millennials?

Chinese millennials are born at the beginning of the digital era and are considered tech savvy naturally. Most of them cannot do without their smartphones, whether to shop online or to keep connected on WeChat and Weibo.

The Chinese millennials will have a substantial impact on three markets

  • Food delivery

Chinese millennials spent less and less time cooking for themselves and are discovering the joys of deliveries to their homes and workplaces, as further developed in one of our previous articles (chinese-millennials-behavior)

  • Online purchasing

The millennials shop online extensively through their smartphones and their PCs. On Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, more than 70% of customers are in their 20s and 30s. *

  • Tourism

Chinese millennials are thirstier than previous generations for the international experience and are more globally-minded.

How can Daxue Consulting help its clients – Millennials and consumer electronics survey

A key consumer electronics company in the world, also one of the leading smartphone maker in China, contacted a major American newspaper in cooperation with Daxue Consulting to understand Chinese millennials. Daxue’s team set up and administrated, within one month, 1,200 questionnaires to top university students across eight Chinese provinces thanks to its large university network and its tailor-made survey APP. Daxue experts then collected and analyzed the results to produce recommendations and market forecasts.

Our report on Chinese Millennials: