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Chinese tourism in Italy: Chinese perceptions of Italian cities | Daxue Consulting

Chinese toursim in Italy

Chinese tourism in Italy Italian National Tourism Department Promotes Chinese Tourism in Italy on Digital Platforms In 2018 more than 5 million Chinese tourists went to Italy and it’s estimated that this number will exceed 6 million in 2019. According to the Italian newspaper, IL SOLE 24 ORE’s report on July 30th, each Chinese tourist […]

Social media: high culture’s new advertisement front for Chinese museum visitors

Daxue Consulting-Chinese museum visitors

How to attract Chinese museum visitors using social media? The number of Chinese museum visitors is growing fast, with the average growth rate of around 55% from 2006 to 2015, along with the rekindled art market, according to Daxue Consulting. Xinhua News Agency (新华社), the official press agency of China, finds that museums have ranked as […]

Chinese Travellers and China’s travellers

Daxue consulting - Chinese travellers

Why an increasing amount of Chinese citizens, are travelling abroad more frequently? As a major developing country, China affects the world in its own way. Progressively, Chinese people are travelling the world and experiencing different cultures. Along with this, a greater amount of international tourists is travelling to China, experiencing different cultures as well. This […]

Chinese tourists used to prepare their trip online

Chinese tourists online

Chinese tourists used to prepare their trip online In the billion inhabitants and 618 million Internet users country, the practices of preparing travel are changing. In fact a recent market research on how Chinese tourists prepare their journey found that 16% of them rely on the internet consumers review sites to plan their trip. This percentage even […]