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Shadows and surges: the evolving landscape of plastic surgery in China 

Cosmetics surgery market in China

In the bustling streets of modern China, a new trend is quietly reshaping the nation’s perception of beauty and self-improvement. Plastic surgery, once a taboo topic, has surged in popularity. According to Mob Research Institute in 2021, nearly 80% of post-95s in China express appearance anxiety, with 4.5% experiencing severe anxiety, believing that cosmetic surgery […]

From Hanfu to Cyberpunk: subcultures in China influence youth culture and consumption

Subcultures are social groups that share a common identity, lifestyle, and ideology that sets them apart from mainstream society. These groups not only provide a platform for people to express their individuality, but also challenge societal norms and encourage free-thinking. Typically associated with rebellious ideas, subcultures in China embody a dynamic, out-of-the-box attitude that symbolizes […]