Business etiquette and culture in China: beyond the handshake

It is important to understand and respect the business etiquette in China, as it is deeply rooted in the country’s cultural and social hierarchy influenced by the Confucian tradition. By being aware of and following these customs, one can avoid any unintentional offense towards their Chinese business partners when doing business in China. 1. Know […]

A quick guide to start doing business in China

Following the zero-COVID policy, the Chinese economy has developed at a slower pace, growing by 3% in 2022, 2.5% less than the government’s predictions (5.5%). Yet, the Chinese market is one of the most flourishing in the world and offers plenty of opportunities for new companies. The opportunities and challenges of doing business in China […]

What are the alternatives to email marketing in China since few Chinese people open emails?

Email marketing consists in delivering commercial information to target consumers through email after obtaining users’ prior permission. With the advent of the mobile Internet era, many enterprises have begun to move from offline to online to increase sales and achieve brand promotion. Email marketing is more mature than any other internet marketing channel. It boasts […]

Franchise Opportunities in China

Franchise Opportunities in China

Something you need to know before starting  a Franchise in China Chinese chain industry has witnessed significant development in the late century even if it started relatively late in the 1990s. After China has joined WTO in 2001, more and multinationals opened their franchises in China and consistently expanded their business because of Chinese’s growing […]