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Daxue Talks transcript #11: Features of China’s FMCG market

Features of China's FMCG market

Find here the Daxue Talks episode 11. From the talk with Igor learn in 2-5 minutes about the features of China’s FMCG market. Full transcript below: My name is Igor Temirov, I’m an expert in developing foreign markets and for the last five years, I have been in China, helping several companies to enter the Chinese […]

Daxue Talks 11: How to enter China’s online FMCG market in 2019?

Enter China FMCG market

Enter China’s online FMCG market The next guest on Daxue Talks is a Russian expert in developing foreign markets, Igor Temirov. In this China business vlog, we unveil the recipe for a successful entry into the Chinese FMCG market, what to expect and what to be prepared for. Jump to the questions: 0:31 What are […]

Chinese New Retail giants are going global and social | Daxue Consulting

Chinese new retail giants

Chinese new retail Alibaba, JD and Tencent are well-known Chinese tech giants. They’re also Chinese New Retail giants What is New Retail? It’s a consumer-centric, data-driven approach that merges online and offline interactions as well as elements of traditional retail, social media and entertainment in the shopping experience. It not only improves shopping for customers […]

Top 6 China e-commerce trends to watch out for in 2019 | Daxue Consulting

e-commerce trends China

China e-commerce Trends It is no surprise that China is the most dynamic e-commerce market in the world today. The growth in the number of online shoppers—and the sums of money consumers are spending via digital channels—is astounding. Organizations from diverse areas are racing to shift their business online or improve their existing online platforms […]