The Chinese beverage market: health trends shape drink preferences

the beverage market in China

Reaching approximately 595 billion dollars in 2019, the Chinese food and beverage market represents today a tenth of the global industry. With its’ 1.4 billion people strong consumer base, the Chinese beverage market shows strong potential. In 2019, China’s beverage industry was worth 578.5 billion Yuan, a 113.3 billion Yuan increase from 2014 at a […]

Daxue Talks 65: Transformation of e-commerce and online/offline shopping in China

shopping in China

E-commerce and shopping in China In this episode of Daxue Talks, Miro Li, an expert in marketing foreign brands on niche Chinese platforms, talks about how the world pandemic has affected the e-commerce industry and online shopping in China. Jump to the questions: 0:38: What platforms have benefitted from the outbreak? 1:47: How has the […]

O2O business in China: Domestic Monopoly?

Daxue Consulting

China counts 618 million Internet users, double the total population of the United States. The Chinese internet ecosystem is the largest in the world but also one of the most isolated. Barriers between the Chinese internet and the rest of the world isn’t just a result of Chinese censorship of many foreign sites and services, […]