The inebriating atmosphere of the bar industry in China

As China’s nightlife industry keeps blooming, dropping by a bar with several friends has become a popular choice. Drinking cocktails, playing dice games while chatting with friends, and listening to live music are typical lifestyles for people in China. Since its initial establishment in the early 2000s, the bar industry in China has quickly gained […]

KTV in China: On the path of decline or looming for another rise?


Have you ever experienced an authentic Chinese lifestyle? If so, KTV must have been on the itinerary! KTV is a necessary component of life of young Chinese, with 24/7 operation, non-stop drinking, microphone hogs as well as a large variety of party games being its signature features. However, despite being favored by so many people, […]

Why Beijing’s crackdown on the Chinese entertainment industry matters to global brands

crackdown on the Chinese entertainment industry

The recent crackdown on the Chinese entertainment industry is just one in a series of restructured regulations China has enforced in 2021. Other industries affected by such changing policies under General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping’s ‘common prosperity’ campaign include gaming, private online education, and real estate. The recent crackdown on the […]

Movies in China: The nation soon-to-be the world’s largest box office

Movie industry in China

If the Chinese movie industry did not immediately adopt the upward trend of other Chinese sectors which have been on since the late 80’s, when it finally did, it did so spectacularly. Starting from 2005, the Chinese movie industry revenue has soared, and new cinema screens took a more than tenfold increase. Today, movies in […]

How movie sales reflects sophistication of Chinese consumer preferences

Changing Chinese consumer preferences for more sophisticated movies

Investigating what movie preferences say about Chinese consumers As of August 11, 2019, Nezha, a movie re-adapted from an ancient Chinese mythology, has grossed over ¥3.5 billion ($700 million) in China, becoming the most popular movie of the summer. However, recent sales are not too optimistic for other players. Because of strict censorship, four highly-anticipated movies were pulled […]

Disneyland China Plans Further Expansion

Disneyland China

To know more about the Leisure Industry in China, contact us at One day before the opening of Disneyland China, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, Robert Iger, announced that work was already being done to expand the park. The General Manager of the resort, Philippe Gas, affirmed that […]