The restaurant market in China: adapting to evolving consumer tastes and technologies

restaurant market in china

The restaurant market in China has witnessed a significant rebound following the pandemic. According to iiMedia Research, China’s catering industry reached RMB 4.7 trillion in 2021, marking an 18.6% year-on-year increase, and essentially returning the market scale of the catering industry to pre-pandemic levels. In the near future, we anticipate the growth rate of the […]

Tripling sales and halving prices: China’s samples market revolutionizing purchases

In recent years, product samples have increasingly influenced full-size purchases, especially in China’s beauty sector. A recent report from China’s e-commerce giant (京东) and Economic Daily (经济日报) highlights a surge in product sample sales within China’s consumer market. Online sales of sample-sized products in the first half of 2023 are 2.1 times higher than […]

Plant-based milk in China: is the future of milk vegan?

Plant-based milk in China

Plant-based milk in China has gained increasing popularity as an alternative to traditional dairy milk. Driven by various factors including increasing health consciousness, environmental concerns, and lactose intolerance among consumers, this trend is expected to grow even more, opening unique opportunities for new brands in the Chinese market. Increasing demand of milk substitutes, with soy […]

Seizing opportunities in China’s food and beverage market: innovation, convenience and rising health awareness

food industry china

China’s food and beverage market has experienced significant growth in recent years, attracting companies from various industries. Several factors have influenced the industry’s development during this period. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about changes in people’s habits and values, leading to an increased focus on health and well-being. Additionally, the growing affluent population now vaunts […]

Appetite for beauty food in China rises as consumers’ health awareness grows

In the wake of the pandemic, Chinese consumers’ growing focus on health and well-being has sparked a beauty food revolution, transforming the way people perceive skincare and nutrition. With a rising emphasis on wellness, the demand for functional food has surged, leading to the widespread popularity of beauty food in China. According to Euromonitor, China’s […]

Glocalization in China: how international F&B brands appeal to Chinese consumers


China’s F&B industry has dramatically evolved over the past decades, reaching 172 billion RMB market value in 2019. Due to the various types of eating habits and tastes of Chinese consumers, F&B brands need to be careful about their strategies when entering the market. In recent years, food shopping habits have drastically changed in China. […]

Here’s what F&B businesses need to know about China’s 2022 food import law

On the 13th of April 2021, the General Administration of Customs of P.R. China (GACC) released two new decrees affecting the food import law. Taking effect on the 1st of January, 2022, decrees 248 and 249 are raising concerns and questions from food importers worldwide, as it is more and more difficult to pass “China’s […]