The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the organization and HR of foreign companies in China

COVID-19 impact on organization and HR of foreign companies in China

Daxue consulting has teamed up with Dragonfly group HR Consulting to initiate this study, aimed at analyzing the impact of Covid-19 on organization and intercultural human resources of foreign companies in China. From this study, we can conclude the necessary push towards technological and organizational transformations that have made it possible to monitor and manage […]

China Paradigm 66: China is an investment paradigm for tech companies

retail innovation in China

In this episode of China Paradigm, Max Peiro, CEO of Re-Hub and Sanpei Ventures, speaks with Matthieu David about retail innovation in China. In this episode, Max talks about how is retail business going for foreigners in China now and the market competition situation when Max brought startups to China. Max also mentioned sources he […]

Podcast transcript #32: A successful story in China’s tech market

China's tech market

Find here the China paradigm episode 32. Learn more about how a foreign technology succeeds in China’s tech market with Andrei Prokhorovich and find all the details and additional links below. Full transcript below: Matthieu David:  Hello, everyone. I’m Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue Consulting and its China business podcast China Paradigm. Today I […]

Podcast transcript #11: fashion retail industry in China, dos and don’ts

podcast fashion China

Find here the full transcript of China paradigm episode 11. Learn more about Stephane Torck’s story in China and find all the details and additional links below. BECOME AN EXPERT OF CHINA’S FASHION RETAIL BY LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST Matthieu David: Hello, everyone and welcome to this episode of our China podcast, China paradigm, where we […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #19: How to leverage KOLs in China

Elijah Whaley - China business podcast

China paradigm interviews Elijah Whaley, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of PARKLU, a platform that connects KOLs with brands within China’s marketing scene. This episode dives into how PARKLU became the largest KOL database in China, across 13 social media platforms. Elijah Whaley explains how PARKLU became the predominant influencer platform and how companies can […]

China market entry: Foreign companies in Shanxi province

Foreign investment in Shanxi was rising steadily. There were altogether 85 newly approved foreign invested projects in 2005, among which there were 35 joint investment projects, 21 cooperative projects, 28 projects fully invested by foreigners and 1 project with foreign owned stock. The total foreign investment in Shanxi was US$2.44 billion, among which the foreign […]