Green consumption in China: the lesser-known ‘side-effect’ of COVID-19 for brands


Green consumption refers to consumers’ preference towards environmental-friendly products. The awareness of sustainability in China and green consumption has been a growing trend in pre-pandemic times and Chinese consumers have been increasingly motivated to choose eco-friendly and social-friendly products for the sake of protecting the environment. This has been proven by a number of recent […]

Sustainable consumption in China: Are Chinese consumers ready to ride the green wave?

Sustainable consumption

In 2018, dairy company Yili Group released a report on sustainable consumption in China in which it mentioned that over 90% of Chinese consumers were aware of sustainable consumption and 70% were very conscientious of it. Awareness of eco-friendly consumption in China is increasing as sustainability and environmental summits and conferences are flourishing. In a […]

Hydrogen vehicles in China: The next frontier in the new-energy vehicle market

Hydrogen vehicles in China

On June 9th, Chen Kele, the deputy director of the intelligent manufacturing promotion department of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, announced that the Shanghai City Cluster plans to introduce 5,000 hydrogen fuel vehicles within 4 years, including 3,400 trucks, 1,400 passenger cars and 200 buses. Five thousand hydrogen fuel vehicles, it seems like […]

Renewable energy in China: Finding the path to carbon neutrality by 2060

renewable energy in China

China is the leading investor in renewable energy in the world.  In 2019, for example, the global renewable energy investment was 282 billion US dollars and China invested 87 billion US dollars. These investments help develop renewable energy in China while meeting increasing energy needs. Over the past decade, China has become a world leader in […]

Modern Chinese fashion: Poetry, heritage, tech-forward and impact are the four upcoming trends

modern Chinese fashion and streetwear

As the structure of mass consumption has undergone major changes in China, modern Chinese fashion is following new trends. Nowadays, “displaying power, connecting industries, and promoting ecology” has become the mission of many Chinese fashion brands. With the deepening of international fashion exchanges and cooperation, Chinese traditional elements and oriental aesthetics have received great attention. […]

Office furniture market in China: Industry Report

the office furniture market in China

The office furniture market in China is in rapid development. After China joined the WTO, the tariff on office furniture decreased, triggering the increase of the office furniture export. Meanwhile, China is also one of the largest office furniture consumption countries. According to Qianzhan, the revenue of the office furniture market in China was over […]

Green Buildings in China: Market drivers and misconceptions

Eco-friendly buildings in China

Green buildings have established themselves as a key element in the future development of the Chinese economy. In fact, 25% of energy consumed in China is attributed to buildings. The green building industry’s expansion is occurring quickly. While the first green building was built in 2005, today there are more than 1 billion square meters […]

Green China: Fintech – tech giants fueling green technology and green finance | Daxue Consulting

Green technologies in China

Tech giants as green innovators China’s technology giants such as Tencent, Baidu, and Alibaba are playing a vital role in sustainable development. These top internet companies are accelerating the pace of change through online technology – particularly e-commerce, internet banking, and social media – as well as green innovation and technology. China’s sustainable technology sector […]

Green China: Chinese consumers demand green products | Daxue Consulting

Environmental business

China’s accelerated economic expansion coupled with lax environmental oversight has led to a number of ecological problems within the country. Thus, the impacts of the lack of environmental protection have become a personal problem in the eyes of many Chinese consumers primarily in regards to health and safety; in light of growing public concerns and […]