Government policies are reshaping the landscape of China’s Medical Technology Industry

The medical technology industry, commonly known as the MedTech industry, is an essential component of the healthcare industry. Such segment includes all those that create, produce, and market innovative medical equipment and health information systems that allow simpler prevention, earlier disease detection, less invasive procedures, and more potent therapies. The global revenue of the medical […]

Longer time looking at screens boosts demand for eyecare products in China

In recent years, with the growing penetration of the Internet and the spread of electronic products, people are straining their eyes more than ever. According to the 49th Statistical Report on China’s Internet Development released by China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC), as of June 2022, the number of netizens in China reached more than […]

Daxue Talks transcript #40: Understanding cross-border health care e-commerce with China

Understanding cross-border health care e-commerce with China

Based on this episode of Daxue Talks with Olivier Verot, a digital marketing specialist, you will better understand cross-border health care e-commerce with China. Full transcript below: Are cross-border sales relevant to health care? Yes, it is relevant for cross-border sales. It is extremely relevant. Chinese people want to buy health care products will search online […]