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Focus on Henan’s Economy: Zhengzhou Metropolitan Area 3

Upgrade of Industry: High-tech is the keystone Agriculture has traditionally been a pillar of Henan’s economy, earning its reputation as the nation’s breadbasket. Therefore, food production and processing has been the core of province’s secondary industry. Besides, an abundance of natural resources have driven the province’s mining industry. The annual output of unsorted coal in […]

Focus on Henan’s Economy: Zhengzhou Metropolitan Area 2

New Urbanization: Zhengzhou metropolitan area The biggest difference between new urbanization and old urbanization in Henan province lies in the way how government promotes the urbanization of major cities. Before 21st century, the urbanization policy of Henan province was scattered and inconsistent among different cities. Government tailored the policy to the comparative advantage of each […]

Focus on Henan’s Economy: Zhengzhou Metropolitan Area 1

Presentation Henan has witnessed a rapid development in its economy since 2000, with the average growth rate even higher than the national average of 10%. In 2000, Henan’s nominal GDP was roughly reached 500 million RMB (US$ 78.57 million). In 2011, Henan’s nominal GDP was 3.20 trillion RMB (US$ 502 billion)1, making it the fifth […]