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Happily unmarried: A peek into singles economy in China

singles economy in China

As the population ages and the national birthrate keeps on declining, China undergoes another deep transformation which will leave a mark on the country’s social and economic structure. According to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, from 2014 on, the amount of marriages gradually dropped over the years: in 2019, about 9.3 million couples tied the […]

How the popularization of music is boosting the guitar market in China

guitar market in China

Due to the popularization of outside activities and festivals, the guitar market has flourished and will grow over the next few years. The global guitar market reached USD 432,34 million in 2019 and will reach USD 503.48 million in 2026 with the CAGR of 2.2% over the forecast period. China is a key region in […]

Disneyland China Plans Further Expansion

Disneyland China

To know more about the Leisure Industry in China, contact us at One day before the opening of Disneyland China, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, Robert Iger, announced that work was already being done to expand the park. The General Manager of the resort, Philippe Gas, affirmed that […]

Leisure Industry in China: Disneyland Shanghai’s Real Challenges

Leisure market in China

To know more about the Leisure industry in China, contact us at What are the real challenges confronting Disneyland Shanghai? China’s economy is transitioning from a manufacturing economy to a consumption-based one. It is forecasted that the per-household disposable income of urban consumers will double during the current decade from about $4000 to $8000. […]

Chinese Leisure Activities: Three New Market trends

Chinese Leisure Activities

Chinese’s changing habits for leisure activities Several years ago, television was the first leisure activities after work or in the weekend in China. With the rising disposable income and changing idea on the lifestyle, people have more choices nowadays. Among all the entertainments, travelling is the most popular method for Chinese to extricate themselves from […]