Chanel in China: Digital strategy and standing up to counterfeiters

Chanel in China is one example of success in the luxury market. The iconic brand arrived in China in 1999 with its first official store in Beijing and has since become successful in the 110 billion Euro Chinese luxury goods market. History of Chanel Extraordinary founder Decades separate the creation of the brand from the […]

The decoration market in China: A competitive market reaching maturity

Decoration market in China

The Chinese decoration market includes two sectors, the building materials market and the home-decorating market. The market as a whole is experiencing rapid growth due to increase of government investments and improvement of general living standards. It is extremely competitive as there is a large amount of small and mid-sized firms within the decoration market […]

J-beauty and K-beauty in China: Key players in Chinese cosmetics market

Jbeauty and Kbeauty in China

Market overview of J-beauty and K-beauty in China In the Chinese cosmetic’s market, there is strong influence from the neighboring countries Korea and Japan. Known as K-beauty and J-beauty, East Asian fashion from Korean and Japan has successfully penetrated China’s beauty industry, which is the second largest beauty industry in the world. According to Euromonitor, […]

Comparison of market research in China vs the West: what you may not know about market research in China | daxue consulting

market research comparison china

The common Framework of Market research Market research is important in helping organizations to make informed business decision by collecting insights and using data. Through market research, a company could identify the potential growth possibilities and risk factors by learning about the consumer market, the local cultural and the unique challenges of the industry.  Market […]

Market analysis in China

Definition of Market Analysis Market analysis is a type of business intelligence that supplies a large amount of data which is worth analyzing fully and intelligently. Having a good research analysis would give the enterprises a clear vision of China market. Methods of Marketing Research Using by Chinese Consulting Companies Consulting companies will then use […]

Market analysis: Herborist in China

Herbotist is the brand that entered China middle and high end personal care market in year 1998. Combined with modern technology, herbs are made great use of in the products of Herborist. Ever since its entrance into the market, Herborist has won a special reputation with its brand positioning and sales channel. It has now […]

Market analysis: B2C Consumers in China

In year 2010, the number of B2C consumers in China reached 99.36 million, which makes up 61.9% of all online purchasers. Clothing, books and 3C products are the top three categories of goods that are most welcomed on B2C websites. 51.1% of all consumers buy clothes and shoes on B2C websites, 32.4% buy books and […]

Market analysis: Mary Kay in china

Mary Kay is one of the world’s biggest direct selling enterprises of skin care products and cosmetics. This brand was established by Ms. Mary Kay Ash in 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Now, it operates its business in over 30 countries and districts with over 5,000 employees and over 1.8 million beauty consultants. Ms. Mary Kay […]