Market analysis: Mary Kay in china

Mary Kay is one of the world’s biggest direct selling enterprises of skin care products and cosmetics. This brand was established by Ms. Mary Kay Ash in 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Now, it operates its business in over 30 countries and districts with over 5,000 employees and over 1.8 million beauty consultants.

Ms. Mary Kay believes in the golden rule ‘treat people in the way that you would want to be treated with’, and advocates this order of priority in life: belief the first, family the second, and career the third. Through the her practices and the practices of her 500,000 beauty consultants appearing all over the world, people have commented that Mary Kay was not only selling her products, but also selling her philosophy of life and philosophy of career to her customers.

After nearly 50 years of progress, Mary Kay has become the best selling brand of cosmetics and skin care products not only in America but all over the world. It aims to provide consumers with the best quality products and, as a result, invests over 50 million dollars every year in research and development. Also, it has its own professional factories and R&D centers in America and in China. It was named one of the top 500 enterprises in America by Fortune, and one of the top 100 enterprises that are suitable for employees to work for.

Mary Kay entered the Chinese market in year 1994, then it invested 20 million dollars to build its first factory outside of America in Hangzhou(杭州), a major city in the Zhejiang(浙江) Province. In 1995, it established its official subsidiary in China, Mary Kay (China) Co. Ltd. Apart from its developments in business, the company also participates in many public welfare activities. Its funds have helped over 30,000 laid-off female workers in China to start their own business, and also have helped thousands of young girls to return to school.

In 2012, Mary Kay gained the top spot in cosmetic sales rankings in China and became the most profitable enterprise in the Chinese cosmetics industry. In a meeting in February, 2012, it was announced that Mary Kay’s business in China grew about 55 times from year 1999 to year 2011. Currently, Mary Kay’s yearly turnover is about 2.5 billion dollars. The company expects its turnover in China to soon surpass even its turnover in America.

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Credit Photo: Nipic