Market Analysis: The Influence that Shoppers’ Ages Have on Their Behaviors in China

There is a finding that is a bit surprising from a market research: consumers’ repertoire behaviors do not vary a lot across their different life stages, contrary to the common belief that younger consumers tend to be more curious than older ones, and they are always willing to try more brands than older and more ‘conservative’ consumers. However, it is clear from the market study that, in most repertoires that were studied, the repertoires of younger families is not much larger. There are exceptions, though. They buy biscuits, candy and yogurt among more brands.

From the figure above, we see that the difference in repertoires of biscuit, candy, and yogurt are much bigger than other categories—skin care, toothpaste, fabric detergent, toilet tissue, facial tissue, personal wash, shampoo, instant noodle, chocolate, RTD tea, tooth brush, bottled water, kitchen cleaner, hair conditioner, color cosmetics and fabric softener.

From the second figure, we barely find any evidence that life stage have influence on repertoires.

Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consultant China