The digitalization of the dance market in China

dance market in China

According to Zhiyan Consulting, the dance market in China was about 36 billion yuan in 2019. They predict that by 2025, the it will reach 93 billion yuan, showing around 20% YoY growth. The main group of the population interested in dancing is the youth. It is estimated that around 262 million people in China […]

Adidas in China: Reaching low-tier cities with high-tier products

Adidas in China

Background of Adidas in China The company Adidas Sports (China) Ltd entered China and built headquartered in Shanghai in 1997 with a core business of men’s and women’s sportswear and footwear. The company also entered the market of children’s wear in 2001. Adidas in China is one of the most popular athletic apparel brands, and is equal footing with […]

Beijing’s Economy: What to understand about growth in the capital city

Beijing's Economy

What foreign companies need to know about the economy of Beijing As the capital city of the most populous nation on Earth, Beijing plays an important role in China’s economy. With a consumer base of more than 20 million, Beijing has become more and more important for foreign companies in many industries. For anyone looking […]

Daxue Talks 4: How to start an online business in China

cross-border e-commerce China

Start an online business in China The second guest of the Daxue Talks show is Olivier Vérot, the founder of the Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA). In this China business vlog, we clarify the difference between cross-border and e-commerce businesses in China. Also, we learn about the requirements to use Tmall Global. Jump to the questions: 0:23 What are […]

What is the recipe for successful China market entry? | Daxue Consulting

successful China market entry

China market entry plan Entering the Chinese market is a challenging process. Understanding China’s business culture and political environment, and adapting to that, can help your brand, product, or service development in China. Daxue Consulting provides comprehensive market entry support for any international brand or company looking to enter the Chinese market. Step-by-step China Market Entry […]

The interior design market in China, a rising symbol of luxury | Daxue Consulting

interior design market in China

The interior design market in China The rise of interior design in China China has a long and profound history of home décor, and the modern home décor market in China is a fusion of traditional Chinese furniture with ancient roots and simple modern décor and furniture. The craft of interior design in China encompasses […]

The chaga mushroom market in China: on the verge of a breakthrough?

Daxue Consulting: Chaga Mushroom Market in China

 Is there room to grow for the chaga mushroom market in China? The chaga mushroom market in China has seen a significant increase in interest from consumers since 2016. Chaga (白桦茸) is a mushroom, well known in the West, which contains a multitude of nutrients, minerals and antioxidants providing health benefits. According to our research, […]

Can companies predict the future using Big Data in China?

big data in China

Say goodbye to crystal balls, here is Big Data in China Some say that it may soon allow us to predict the future, while others see it as the worst nightmare for privacy protection. In China, where access to secondary data is difficult due to lack of transparency, Big Data in China offers great opportunities […]

How Daxue Consulting Uses Co-Creation Workshops in China

workshops in China

What is a co-creation workshops in China and how does Daxue Consulting use this methodology? A co-creation workshops in China consists of interactive sessions in which a small group of consumers explore a problem and generate solutions together, sharing out-of-box ideas and taking into account their different approaches, needs, and points of view. This type […]

Why and how to do in-depth interviews in China with market insiders?

ricerche di mercato in Cina

Conducting in-depth interviews in China is a key feature of any market research In-depth interviews in China (IDI research) are techniques of qualitative research in China that involve conducting intensive individual interviews, usually with a small number of respondents, to analyze their perspectives, experiences or feelings regarding a particular market situation, marketing concepts or anticipated […]