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Bestseller in China

Overview of Bestseller in China

Bestseller in China

Bestseller Fashion Group (Tianjin) Co Ltd, is a family-owned company established in Denmark in 1975. Up to 2011, Bestseller has enlarged its sales network to cover more than 300 cities in China. The company is engaged in the design and sale of both men’s and women’s clothing in China, under four mega brands: Only since 1996, Jack & Jones since 2000, Vero Moda since 2001 and Selected since 2008. The company seeks to offer localized fashion styles by tailoring specifically for Chinese consumers.

Production of Bestseller in China

Bestseller has choose to favor great flexibility to increase or reduce its production in order to be in accordance with retail performance. Since Bestseller is not an apparel manufacturer, over 90% of its products sold in China are supplied from in-country production, according to a recently conducted Branding research in China. It enables the brand to react quickly to the trend and the needs of the market.


Market Position of Bestseller in China

Bestseller, as a fast-fashion retailer in China that provides consumers fashionable clothing products, had a mid-end position over its period in China. It takes leading position in apparel, mainly owning to its great performance in men’s and women’s clothing.

Competitive Position of Bestseller Fashion Group (Tianjin) Co Ltd in 2011

Strategy and Situation of Bestseller in China

  • Bestseller plays a leading role in women’s clothing by keeping dynamic retail value sales growth of Only and Vero Moda which targets at urban consumers of 20-35.
  • Bestseller closed down its franchised stores and opened more self-operated outlets.
  • Bestseller’s sales from self-owned stores accounted for 70% of total sales in early 2011.
  • Bestseller’s key brand Jack & Jones opened its official online business-to-consumer store in 2009.
  • Bestseller’s key brand Jack & Jones’s online store, shown by a related China market report, has 470 thousand sales a day within 3 days of its opening.


Future Plans and Goals of Bestseller in China

  • Bestseller plans to make its percentage of sales from self-owned stores to 90% in 2013.
  • Bestseller is likely to devote more resources and efforts to developing its online presence and promoting online sales of its key brands.

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