The market for sport clothes in China

Li Ning

The market for sport clothes is extremely competitive in China The market for sport clothes in China has been expanding at a rate of 6.5% for the past years. The main players in the market are both foreign and domestic companies, what makes competition fiercer. Domestic producers need to compete with foreign brands, such as […]

Market Research on Cars in China

Market Research on Cars in China China` spectacular economic growth over the past 20 years has been reflected in the emergence of the world`s fastest growing consumer market and a vibrant, burgeoning middle class. As incomes in China have risen, Chinese consumers` interest in products that were previously out of their reach, for example cars, […]

The difficulty of infant formula market in China : the example of Karicare

Karicare is a leading infant formula brand of the global maternal and child nutrition experts Nutricia. Karicare has been founded in 1896, developed by Dr. Truby King with the incentive of “Help fatigued mothers, protect cute babies”. After a hundred years of development, Karicare has now become the market leading brand in New Zealand and […]

Bestseller in China

Fashion in China

Overview of Bestseller in China Bestseller Fashion Group (Tianjin) Co Ltd, is a family-owned company established in Denmark in 1975. Up to 2011, Bestseller has enlarged its sales network to cover more than 300 cities in China. The company is engaged in the design and sale of both men’s and women’s clothing in China, under four mega […]

Market entry in China for Apparel manufacturers

The Chinese E-commerce Market – International Players Want to enter China’s market After seeing impressive performance of the domestic brands that have gained so much through Internet Retailing, International apparel manufacturers also want a piece of the action. Indeed, with over 100 new stores, opened in China in 2011, 30 of which were Zara,  and an annual […]

Market of Childrenswear in China

Current Underdeveloped Chinese Childrenswear Market According to statistics, China has a vast number of childrens under 14 of age, which is about 216 million up to data from 2011, because of the sheer size of the country. This increase means a large potential market of children’s products, including childrenswear. However, results of China’s childrenswear market […]

Market research: Chinese upper class to look towards foreign life insurance policies

When life insurance was first introduced to China, it clashed with Chinese culture. The topic of an early death is a taboo subject thus marketing coverage for a premature death was initially extremely difficult. The first transnational life insurance company in the PRC was the American International Assurance Company, Ltd. (AIA) Introduced in 1992, AIA […]

Market research: Automobili Lamborghini’s and luxury cars in China

Market research: Automobili Lamborghini’s and luxury cars in China More about luxury cars in China. Founded in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini is headquartered in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in northeastern Italy. There, it manufactures some of the world’s most sought-after super sports cars. With this year’s presentation of the best-in-class Aventador LP 700-4 at the Geneva Auto Show, […]

Market Research for Shandong Dong-E E-Jiao in China

Overview of Shandong Dong-E E-Jiao in China Shandong Dong-E E-Jiao is part of China Resources Holdings Co Ltd, with China Resources holds 23% of the company’s shares through the co-founded company China Resources Dong-E E-Jiao Co Ltd. With flagship brand E-Jiao, a traditional Chinese medicine-based product, Shandong Dong-E E-Jiao operates business of many kinds, mainly […]

Mystery shopping: Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical in China

Development of Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical in China Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical is part of Jiangzhong Group which holds 6,374.4 million shares and represents 43.63% of the total share capital. Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical has national coverage, distributing its products across the entire country. The company’s net profits decreased by 24% in the first half of 2011, compared to the same […]