Wine Distribution in China

The wine market in China: Dynasty, Great Wall and Zhangyu, ASC Fine Wines, Summergate, French Wine Paradox, Torres, Mercuris, Aussino, H&L Fine Wines The wine in China has a very long history dating from 2,000 years ago, although not in a style resembling western wines until the 20th century. With the influence of western eating […]

Market analysis: Retail in Beijing

Retail brands in Beijing China’s retail market is growing at a tremendous rate. In particular, the pace of development of the Beijing retail market has been astounding. In terms of the growth rate of retail sales, Beijing ranked 3rd nationwide, and 1st among the four municipalities. A couple large retail brands in the city include BHG, […]

Retail in Shanghai

The Overview on Shanghai’s retails: CenturyMart, Carrefour, War-Mart, Hymall, Shanghai School Supply Supermarket, Nong Gong Shang Supermarket, FamilyMart, Lawson Unlike Hong Kong, the retail market in Shanghai is not monopolized by one or two great groups. The competition in the retail market is relatively fierce. There are many retail brands in Shanghai, such as CenturyMart, […]

Retail in Hong Kong

The Retail Market Overview of Hong Kong : PARKnSHOP, Wellcome, JUSCO, TASTE, city’s super Hong Kong’s retail market is monopolized by two large retail group: PARKnSHOP and Wellcome. War-Mart and Carrefour are not popular at all in Hong Kong. Small supermarkets such as JUSCO, TASTE and city’s super are common in Hong Kong. Focus on […]

Business intelligence: Malls in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a major city of Guangdong Province. It is the economic center and the trading center of Southern China. Like other large cities in China, there are many shopping center and supermarkets in Shenzhen. The primary shopping malls in Shenzhen include Coco Park, Kingglory Plaza (Jin Guang Hua Shopping Mall), The East See plaza, […]

Malls in Chengdu

The malls in Chengdu: MIXC, Heng Ren Landmark Plaza, Ren He Spring Shopping Center In the year 2005, there are only a few shopping malls in Chengdu. But in 2011, the number of finished and under construction projects has reached 80 in total. Before the appearance of MIXC and Heng Ren Landmark Plaza, the only […]

Retail in Shenzhen

The Overview on Shenzhen’s retails: PARKnSHOP, Carrefour, War-Mart, Wannings, Watsons, Polison, 7-11, JUSCO, China Resources Vanguard Shop, A-Best Supermarket Shenzhen is a major city of Guangdong Province. It is the economic center and the trading center of the South part of China. Like other big cities in China, there are also many shopping center and […]

Cosmetic Distribution in China

General Overview of the Cosmetic Distribution in China With the openness and revolution of new China, more and more foreign cosmetic brands are introduced into Chinese market. Thanks to the special operating strategy, these companies gain more competition advantages than the other domestic cosmetic companies. The foreign companies include Procter & Gamble, Avon, Amway, Johnson […]

The Malls in Taipei

Malls in Taipei: Core Pacific City, Taipei 101, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (four branches), Min Yao Department Store, New York New York (closed/under construction), Neo19, Miramar Entertainment Park Shopping malls in Taipei are mainly concentrated in the Daan and Xinyi districts, though they can be found all over the city, including in Tianmu and Dazhi. Malls […]

The malls in Guangzhou

The shopping centers in Guangzhou: Tianhe District CBD Shopping Circle, Beijing Road, Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street Shopping Circle Guangzhou is a shopping paradise in China. It embraces lots of shopping centers and malls in which you can find almost everything you want. Furthermore, as an important export and import city, Guangzhou has a lot of wholesale […]