Taobao Global: A new strategy to keep one step ahead of the game targeting Millennials

taobao global

Since its launch in May 2003, Alibaba’s Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace, has become the shopping destination of choice for Chinese consumers looking for a full selection of products and value for money. But not only. Taobao Global is gradually shifting Taobao’s focus from a consumer-to-consumer sales channel into a lifestyle destination for China’s new generation. […]

The Success Of Online selling in China

Online Selling China

Nowadays, Online selling in China is booming and it is becoming increasingly popular for people to do some online shopping. They surf on and instead of or In fact, eBay has attempted to convert some Chinese consumers but it still has a relatively low impact. Chinese sellers and buyers both prefer […]

How to sell on Tmall

how to sell on tmall

How to sell on Tmall [see also How to sell on Taobao] Due to rapid growth of Internet users in Chine, whose number already reached more than 500 million, e-commerce market is shrinking every year at spectacular pace and is expected to surpass the US online shopping market by 2015. As a result, a lot […]

Online panels China : QQ Survey, So Jump and Diaochapai

Last part of our focus on online panels in China (part1 / part2) with three major online platforms in China. Online panels China: QQ Survey (QQ Channel) with its sub channel www.1diaocha.Com Intro Sample library: 3.4 million Ways of invitation QQ Survey uses qq mails and qq messages to contact chosen samples. Ways of reward […]