Online research: How to sell on Wechat?

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Online research: How to sell on Wechat? The market of e-commerce has been rapidly developing for the past few years in China. WeChat, an app enabling people to communicate via quick messages, has recently added a new option allowing businesses to sell their products. Every year, the number of mobile phone users is rocketing. 25% […]

How to be present on Baidu

SEO for Baidu

How to be present on Baidu Article provided by SEMSEO – an agency developing solution and SEO for Baidu and Google. Understanding the concept of SEO Nowadays, businesses and marketing teams are all aware of how important to their companies internet is. With people growing more and more dependent on their smartphones and computers, each […]

Online panels China : QQ Survey, So Jump and Diaochapai

Last part of our focus on online panels in China (part1 / part2) with three major online platforms in China. Online panels China: QQ Survey (QQ Channel) with its sub channel www.1diaocha.Com Intro Sample library: 3.4 million Ways of invitation QQ Survey uses qq mails and qq messages to contact chosen samples. Ways of reward […]

Internet usage in China : Focus on Wechat and Kaixin

Today, China, after experienced an outstanding economic growth, is showing a substantial increase of its digital presence. With an explosive growth rate in UDI, people change the life style they get accustomed and start a totally differentiated way to contact, communicate and connect. Here we choose two examples — WeChat and of the major […]