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Internet usage in China : Focus on Wechat and Kaixin

Today, China, after experienced an outstanding economic growth, is showing a substantial increase of its digital presence. With an explosive growth rate in UDI, people change the life style they get accustomed and start a totally differentiated way to contact, communicate and connect.

Here we choose two examples — WeChat and of the major famous Internet companies from recent years to establish a group of comparaison. Through the comprehensive contrast, it will seek the main factors leading to the success.

User Group in China

Internet usage in China
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The main user resources (QQ & Mobile users) of WeChat occupy a distinct advantage than the other two. Firstly, QQ as IM software which is based on the traditional computer platform can appeal to the loyalty of the old users conveniently. On the other hand, specifically, the number of mobile users listed above refers to the smartphone users in China. As to the end of 2013, the mobile users in China had been expected to over 1 billion. Besides, Wechat supports over 100 countries’ mobile phone number while both WeChat and QQ have English version product in updating. It shall be the positive attitude for people to determine that the actual final number will be very likely to be a larger number.

However, MSN lost about 70% users by the end of 2012 and the major component of — Student – can hardly create new users. After graduated, whether this overlapped part users would like to join the or not is meaningless the existed possibilities that people are tired of the status symbol is unable to forbidden.


WeChat usage in China
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By comparison, it is quite obvious that WeChat does have a relatively faster growth rate (nearly half the duration time) and more potential growth trend in user group (Significant differences in daily number).

Social Confidentiality

Since the very beginning of Internet age, network security has been a major stake. As the following figure shows, people are seeking for the information while have to pay much more attention to the Identity information disclosure in the boundless virtual world. Instead of being worried about kept followed by strangers, unknown and anonymous, WeChat provides a free, safe space to make people become closer. Without any regulatory, it is getting more and more frequent that people on find their photos and blogs copied.

Amy Wang

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