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BPO and call centers in China: Is China the next BPO hub?

BPO and call centers in China

In today’s competitive international marketplace, companies are under intense pressure to lower costs. This has lead to China being the ‘factory of the world’ but now as manufacturing moves to other countries, other opportunities for business process outsourcing (BPO) in China rise. Does that mean China is the next destination for call centers? Call centers […]

Market research: Sourcing in China

There are multiple ways to classify sourcing. It can be classified as government sourcing, firm sourcing, and resident sourcing, online sourcing, or face to face sourcing, or open tender sourcing. In fact, nearly all daily life transactions can be called sourcing. It precedes any production process or consumption process. The level of purchasing will influence […]

Why outsourcing is not working in China?

It is highly unlikely that China will follow India to become a global outsourcing hub. One of the main constraints is that few of China’s vast number of university graduates are capable of working successfully in the services export sector, and the fast-growing domestic economy absorbs most of those who could. The growing number of […]