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Podcast transcript #26: Understanding the search in China with a digital expert

serach in China podcast

Find here the China paradigm episode 26. Learn more about Olivier Verot story in China and find all the details and additional links below. Full transcript below: Matthieu David:   Hello, everyone. I am Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue consulting and its China marketing podcast, China Paradigms, and today, we have Olivier Verot. You have […]

[Podcast] China Paradigm #26: How to master SEM and SEO in China

China marketing podcast

In this episode of China Paradigm, Matthieu David interviews Olivier Verot, founder of the Gentlemen Marketing Agency. Olivier teaches us about SEM and SEO in China, as well as explains the many digital tools that are available to use in China. The highlights of this episode include: Who needs SEO and who doesn’t? What the […]