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China’s fresh food cold supply chain is still at under half of its market potential

food and beverage cold supply chain logistics in China

The cold supply chain in China was worth 380 billion yuan in 2020, with double digit growth, and is expected to reach RMB 512.25 billion in 2026. The cold supply maintains the quality and freshness of food and beverage products in transport. Cold chain logistics refers to the pre-cooling treatment, processing, transportation, storage, distribution, sales […]

Foodtech in China: Is this the answer to national food self-sufficiency?

Foodtech in China

China’s most popular C2M platform Pinduoduo has recently overtaken Chinese E-commerce giant Alibaba as China’s top shopping site. Although Pinduoduo is now king among Chinese E-commerce platforms in active users, it has yet to achieve profitability. So in order to become profitable, Pinduoduo is now focusing on Foodtech. As executive director Xinyi Lim puts it: […]

China Paradigm transcript #97: Managing a supply chain in the Chinese food industry during the virus outbreak

Chinese food industry during the virus outbreak

Find here the China paradigm episode 97. Learn more about the Chinese food industry during the virus outbreak and listen to David Beutin’s, sales manager at Lactalis International experience in China’s dairy industry. Full transcript below: Hello everyone, this is China paradigm where we, Daxue consulting, interview season entrepreneurs in China. Matthieu David: Hello everyone I’m […]

Coronavirus China Economic Impact Report

COVID-19 economic impact in China

Download our Coronavirus China Economic Impact report The Coronavirus China Economic Impact report covers the spread of the outbreak in China, what industries are growing, and which industries are severely impacted. We also zoom in on the economies of Wuhan and Hubei, as well as Coronavirus impacts on the global supply chain. Lastly, we share […]