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Top 6 China e-commerce trends to watch out for in 2019 | Daxue Consulting

e-commerce trends China

China e-commerce Trends It is no surprise that China is the most dynamic e-commerce market in the world today. The growth in the number of online shoppers—and the sums of money consumers are spending via digital channels—is astounding. Organizations from diverse areas are racing to shift their business online or improve their existing online platforms […]

[Podcast] China Paradigm 44: How to leverage offline to online communication in China

online communication in China

Carlo Dragonetti, Head of Digital & Communications at the Italian Trade Agency, speaks with China Paradigm’s host about online communication in China, supporting Italian companies in China, and insights on how to be an Ambassador for Italy on T-Mall. Highlights of this episode include: Origins of Carlo’s speech that went viral through Weibo What you […]

[Podcast] China Paradigm 43: How to make a profitable e-commerce store in China

e-commerce store in China

Michael Simonet is a China eCommerce specialist and entrepreneur. In this episode of China Paradigms conducted by Matthieu David, we learn in-depth about his e-commerce experience with cheese during his time at the company Swissmooh, a dairy company that has experienced success in China, climbing to the top of Tmall’s cheese sales. Michael’s current company, […]

How to choose the right distribution channel in China: Chinese online marketplaces vs. Your own E-Commerce Website | Daxue Consulting

online marketplaces China

With more than 610 million digital consumers, China is currently the world’s leading e-commerce market. With such potential, it is not surprising that China has become the new goldmine for all online retailers, local or international. However, selling its products to Chinese consumers requires some adjustments and a specific marketing strategy for cross-border e-commerce in […]

How the Chinese brand “Three squirrels” uses Meng Culture to become No. 1

Chinese brand “Three Squirrels”

China went “nuts” again over the Chinese nut brand “Three Squirrels”. During the passing double 11 shopping festival (双十一) in China, a shopping festival launched by Alibaba as a Chinese version of Black Friday, Three Squirrels, again, achieved huge success: It only took them 9 minutes and 26 seconds to reach a GMV (gross merchandise […]