China Paradigm 54: Marketing French cuisine and wine in China

french restaurant in China

Charles Carrard, China General Manager of chez Boisset la Famille des Grands Vins, speaks with Matthieu David about opening a French restaurant in China and running wine business. In this episode of China Paradigm, Charles talks about his personal career path, the challenges of running restaurants in China and the ”New Retail“ wine business. 1:51 […]

[Podcast] China Paradigm 41: How to start a trendy wine chain in China

wine chain in China

Matthieu David interviews Claudia Masueger, who started the friendly, casual and fun wine chain in China, CHEERS Wine. With new stores opening up all over China, we learn the strategy behind the startup, how does Claudia experience so much success in a market that is not known to be welcoming to wine? Highlights of this […]

Wine Tourism in China is getting popular

Wine Tourism in China

To know more about the Wine Tourism in China, contact us at  Wine Tourism in China Traditional Chinese drinking culture has most often involved toasting with shots of baijiu (spirit), but in the past couple years, the dinner table has a new guest: red wine. Chinese wine consumption is growing at seven times the […]

Who are the New Chinese Wine Consumers for 2016?

Chinese Wine Consumers

To know more about the Chinese Wine Consumers in 2016, contact us at The New Chinese Wine Consumers in 2016 Since the turn of the twenty-first century, the wine industry in China has grown rapidly and it will continue to do so. Recent data found that the total volume of sales of still grape wine […]

Rising Trend for the New World Wine in China

New world wine in China

To know more about the New World Wine in China, contact us at  New World Wine in China For the last 2 years the wine market has known a decreased in terms of volume due to the anti-corruption campaign, it is just recently that the wine market is slowly recovering, indeed, in 2015 the […]