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The Retail Market of Computer in China

Desktop computer in China

retail for computers in China

Desktops are no longer as popular as it was before, especially the brand’s one. Consumers who have the ability prefer assembled desktops as it can meet their needs better.

With the emerging of PAD, notebooks and other portable devices, not only the sales of desktop are dropping, but also the price. According to retail monitoring data by market research company in Shanghai, the average price of desktop in China is now around 3500 kuai, and it keeps dropping.

However, there is a great opportunity for desktops as WIN8 operating system has gone public and it is expected to bring new dynamic to the downturn desktop market. Some companies have released products of new generation. They enhance the recreational function of computers and make them more attractive to families, which is still the most important consumer segment of desktops.

In business field, desktop is still a dominant factor for enterprises. The Big Three in this area is Lenovo, HP and DELL, which are almost 90% of the total market.

Computer market in China 

First, we can focus on the famous domestic brands of laptop in China. Lenovo still has the highest popularity through the whole China; ASUS, Acer, Hasee are other well-known domestic brands. Meanwhile, multinational laptop brands like Apple, VAIO, HP, DELL, Toshiba, SAMSUNG and ThinkPad, which is a new brand after Lenovo merged IBM PC department in 2005, also take advantage of the huge domestic demand.

The most recent market report in China shows that the market share of Lenovo is 31.6%, ASUS 12.9%, HP 11.6%, DELL 8.4%, Hasee 8.1%, Acer 7.1%, Toshiba 6.6%, AVIO 4.0%, SAMSUNG 3.7% and others 5.7%.

Secondly, in business field, Lenovo deeply dominates this market with 77% of market share thanks to its successful merge of IBM PC which created ThinkPad as a leading laptop in business field in China. However, the business use of laptop is still a small part compared to family use. Family use accounts for 82.6% while business for only 17.4% which makes it very obvious that family market has large potential that no one can ignore.

Retail in China

Traditional retailers is shrinking but still struggling. With the pressure from 2 large appliances retailers, Gome and Suning, which have already entered the fierce competition of computers in China, the market became even more heating.

Nowadays, when the whole world is selling and buying online, China will not leave itself behind. The online shopping is booming, including computers retail in China.

Meanwhile, appliance retailer Suning opened its online store to compete with popular online retailer 360buy. Just a few months ago this year, and 360buy went for a ‘fight’, arguing about whose product is cheaper which finally was excellent for both marketing activities. This event introduced to customers who haven’t known the online store yet. Those online shopping grabbed a large part of PC selling and are still growing.

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