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Lenovo’s success: How a Chinese company with ‘state-roots’ conquered the global market

Lenovo global market strategy

Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers of laptops, smartphones, tablets and a variety of electronic accessories. The company is constantly developing, absorbing other brands. Its main advantage over competitors in the West is the introduction of innovative solutions and a good pricing policy. Below we examine the drivers of Lenovo’s global success. In July […]

The Retail Market of Computer in China

Desktop computer in China Desktops are no longer as popular as it was before, especially the brand’s one. Consumers who have the ability prefer assembled desktops as it can meet their needs better. With the emerging of PAD, notebooks and other portable devices, not only the sales of desktop are dropping, but also the price. […]

Market Study on The market of Laptops in China

1. Market overview In 2011, with the impact of the downturn of the economic environment in the overall market, and the tablet PCs, smart phones and other mobile terminal devices with similar functions, the Chinese laptop market sales still increased compared with 2010, but growth was slowing down even if there was a large number […]