Market report: Preschool Expansion in China

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Market report: Preschool Expansion in China Education is one of the fastest growing sectors in China. Although the one-child policy may have suspended population growth to an extent, there is still a significant deficit in the number of schools available. One area that has historically been lacking is preschool. With 181,300 kindergartens operating throughout the […]

Market report: The boom of the service sector in China

Market report: The boom of the service sector in China The reforms of the 12th five-year plan concerning the service sector in China look on track and are likely to be reached by 2015. The reforms consist to raise both the proportion of the service sector as well as the ratio of service sector employment […]

Market Research China: identify trends in China

identify trends in China

Market Research China: identify trends in China [to see more about market research in Shanghai] FMCG Trends in China China’s FMCG sector suffered a bit of a setback at the start of 2014, with a 1.3% drop in growth from 7.4% last year to 6.1% by end of Q1. Consultants suggests that the slowdown is […]

Fiat 500 in China: a market report

Fiat 500 in China

Fiat 500 in China: a market report To see more market report about automotive market in China Chinese market, as many people believe, is and will remain the biggest auto car market in the world. Unlike the European or the US market where the majority of car brands are local ones, Chinese market is unique […]

The Retail Market of Computer in China

Desktop computer in China Desktops are no longer as popular as it was before, especially the brand’s one. Consumers who have the ability prefer assembled desktops as it can meet their needs better. With the emerging of PAD, notebooks and other portable devices, not only the sales of desktop are dropping, but also the price. […]

The children’s segment boost the Market of clothes in China

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Market of clothes in China has different categories of products. The market of children’s wear is one of the categories, which has high potential for development. Since this market in China is very large and continuously growing, designers and marketers in this area are in great need Potential of Children’s wear market in China The […]

Market of chocolate in China

Market of Chocolate in China

China is considered as the world’s largest producer of sugar and  has also become the largest producer of chocolate. Mars Group, the major chocolate manufacturer in China is contributing the major part of the  Chinese economy. About 70% of the foreign chocolate brands like Dove, Cadbury and Hershey’s are acquired by the Chinese chocolate market. […]

Market Report: Aston Martin in China

Car market in China

With nearly a century of history, Aston Martin has developed into an automotive icon: a brand synonymous with luxury, heritage and authentic craftsmanship. Alongside these core values is the company’s passion about the cars it produces. This passion is shared by Aston Marton owners and car enthusiasts. All of its models are, and will continue […]

Yacht in China, a Market Report on Riva

Riva is the world’s leading luxury yacht brand, began in 1842, having a history of 170 years. Riva, from Italy, is one of the most expensive and most legendary yacht brands with the longest history in the world. The birthplace of Riva yacht is the beautiful Lake Como in Italy. And Riva is recognized as […]