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Virtual Reality in China

Virtual Reality and What’s Next in China?

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality replicates an environment that stimulates a physical presence in places in the real world or an imagined world, thus allowing the user to interact with that world. This artificially creates sensory experiences, which can include sight, touch, hearing, and smell.Virtual reality is now being used in many industries as a way of training people or providing a new way to experience things. Primarily in China, the use of virtual reality has mainly been aimed at the leisure industry, medical industry, military training industry, aviation industry and much more.

Virtual reality provides users with an immersive gaming experience; virtual reality also provides users the opportunity to enjoy 3D movies at a whole different level, users will be able to watch movies on a huge virtual screen giving them the ability to have their own personal theatre or even be inside the movie itself, surrounded by imagery and sound effects. Also, virtual reality has the ability to transport users to performances or sports matches; this will give users the thrill with the comfort of their own couch.

Virtual Reality in China

According to Chinese media reports, there are a small number of competitive VR gadgets available in the Chinese Market. There are 3Glasses, Antvr kit, Baofeng magic mirror and DëePoon are the few revealed to the public. Wang (2015), states within the next 1 to 2 years, the quality, variety and availability of VR content will grow with enormous orders of magnitude with China being the epicenter of growth for the virtual reality industry. Even though Virtual Reality was pioneered in the West, China is the only country today that has the ability to manufacture very high- quality electronics in massive volumes at an extremely low price. Virtual Reality in China is still in its early stage, and impressively vendors stated above have actually beaten the international players by releasing initial products in 2015. However, the sales in China in 2016 for these higher-end devices is expected to surge to over 1.5 million units, across the vendors, with DëePoon alone forecasting over 500,000 units of its high-end devices. On the brighter side, due to the lower costs of lower-end mobile VR devices and prevalence of smartphones in China are selling in million of units in 2015. The figure is expected to grow by more than 10-fold in 2015. It is hard to imagine any other place in the world that could foster the growth of Virtual Reality as fast as China.

The Future of Virtual Reality in China and the World

First and foremost, we can conclude that it is still the beginning of Virtual Reality and it is strongly believed that there is a huge potential for growth for this. Virtual Reality is focusing solely on computerized processes with humans, the next thing after that may be uploading human consciousness to a computerized system, robot, etc. or possibly transferring consciousness to another person’s body. By successfully interpreting the brain or nervous information and use it to create virtual, the likely next step would be to copy and save brain information in a way that can be recreated elsewhere. With new and long lasting energy sources, humans will have the ability to transfer their consciousness, their life expectancy would increase dramatically thus it may even be possible to ‘live’ for several hundred years, maybe even longer.

Virtual Reality in China
Sources: China Daily

Next, with the right improvements in Virtual Reality and the integration with telepathic technologies will give users the ability to communicate, interpersonally, any information using senses to other people without using words. By applying computerized knowledge to telepathic technologies, this will give us the capability to ‘upload’ computerized information to the brain. These mental projections will allow world minds to interconnect. Thus projecting one’s imagination into the real world. This will lead to a change in the way art, music, literature, and etc. being produced.With the non-stop progression of technology, this would lead to new information and methods that will allow the mind to wander through space like a signal without risking the person, making long-distance travel possible.

Looking back 10 years ago, we would never envision the way we use smartphones as how we would use it today. That’s the promise VR has today. Now with more and more players entering the market innovating Virtual Reality, the virtual will be the next big thing for the future generations. If you can dream it, Virtual Reality can make it. It is the medium for progress and the celebration of Virtual Reality has yet to come.


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