Guangxi's fruit price

“Why is Guangxi’s fruit so cheap?”: Trending hashtag on Chinese social media

As summer approaches in China, Guangxi province is seeing a surge in fruit variety at low prices. In fact, fruits in Guangxi are so cheap that people can easily purchase 2.5 kg of nectarine (油桃) for 10 RMB ($1.40) or three watermelons for only 5 RMB ($0.70). On Chinese social media Weibo, netizens have been joking that #In Guangxi no fruit can escape from the fate of 10 RMB for 1.5 kg# (在广西水果都逃不了10元1.5kg的命运). They are also wondering #Why is Guangxi’s fruit so cheap?# (广西水果为何能那么便宜) in the first week of June.

Guangxi: leading China’s fruit production with diversity and abundance

Known as the “Kingdom of Fruit,” Guangxi contributes around 12% of total nationwide fruit production, with over 30 million tons of fruit produced by the province in 2022. Having a subtropical climate with long-lasting summer seasons every year, Guangxi’s environmental conditions are well-suited for a variety of fruits to grow, such as dragon fruit, watermelon, orange, longan (龙眼), etc., among which the production of dragon fruit, passion fruit and persimmon in Guangxi ranked 1st among all provinces in China. The prosperity of the fruit industry therefore allows Guangxi to provide both fruit diversity and affordability.

Netizens shared their thoughts on Guangxi’s fruit

According to a survey on “Which Guangxi fruit do you like the most?” conducted by Greater Bay Area Video (大湾区视频) on Weibo, as of June 7th, lychee was the most popular choice, followed by watermelon and tangerine. Guanxi’s fruit industry has certainly set high national standards, “10 RMB for 1.5 kg already feels expensive. Last year, 10 red dragon fruits cost 10 RMB.” A netizen from Guangxi commented.

Source: Weibo, Chinese netizens shared their thoughts towards low fruit prices

Guangxi’s fruit bonanza: abundance, quality, and unbeatable prices

  • Guangxi province in China is experiencing a surge in fruit variety and low prices as summer approaches. People can easily buy large quantities of fruits such as nectarines and watermelons at incredibly affordable prices.
  • Guangxi is known as the “Kingdom of Fruit” and contributes around 12% of the country’s total fruit production. The province’s subtropical climate and favorable environmental conditions make it ideal for growing a wide variety of fruits.
  • The popularity of Guangxi’s fruit industry is evident in a survey conducted on Chinese social media. From the survey, lychee emerged as the most popular choice, followed by watermelon and tangerine. The abundance of fruits and their affordability have become a topic of discussion among netizens. Some find the low prices surprising but the locals consider them expensive compared to previous years.

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