wines from bourgogne in China

Wines from Bourgogne in China

Bourgogne, where the King and Queen of wines come from

wines from bourgogne in China

Bourgogne and Bordeaux are the two biggest and most famous winegrowing regions in France. Bourgogne is called ‘the wine kingdom’, for its culture is so closely related with wines.

Wines from Bourgogne came into reputation early in the era of Rome. After 1930s, classification work was done with wines in Bourgogne, and it was allowed for producers to name their wines with the name of their plantations. Now the most famous wines are all named after plantations.

Among wines in Bourgogne, white wines are low in sugar content, while red wines have strong fragrance. Gevrey-Chambertin, whose flavor is special, is known as ‘the King of wines’, while Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, which has a mysteries charm, is called ‘the Queen of wines’.

Bourgogne wines in China

Over the recent years, Chinese consumers, especially those in Hong Kong(香港), are having greater interest in wines from Bourgogne. Their interest in Bourgogne have exceeded their interest in Bordeaux, according to Johnny Goedhuis, the CEO of Goedhuis Company in London. He further says that, most consumers are focusing on top wines of Bourgogne, like Domaine de la Romanée-Conti and Domaine Leroy.

Wines from Bourgogne in China

In November 1st, 2011 in Beijing(北京), over 40 Bourgogne wine makers and Chinese professional wine collectors made a tasting with over 100 varieties of wines. Also, wine lovers in the circles of politics, business and culture were present. Before Beijing, tastings were held in October 26th in Hong Kong(香港), October 28th in Shanghai(上海), and October 31st in Hangzhou(杭州). These together are the third Bourgogne wine tasting ever since its beginning in 2009. In fact, Bourgogne has longer history than Bordeaux. But Bourgogne is less welcomed because of the simple reason-its price is too high. But now Bourgogne is trying to reach more consumers using price preferential policies.

Bourgogne wines were invited to join the international winefair 2012 in Guangzhou(广州). In such time spot and such famous trade platform, Bourgogne wines will be more displayed to Chinese consumers. China wine market is far from being saturated, and Bourgogne wines, with their strong fragrance, is going to attract more consumers in China.

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