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Chinese companies expanding abroad

10 mistakes Chinese brands make when going overseas

As the country’s homegrown brands increase in quality and capabilities, more Chinese brands are expanding overseas. However just like when foreign brands enter China, many Chinese brands make mistakes in localizing to foreign markets. In this report on 10 Mistakes Chinese Brands Make when Going Overseas, we highlight some common errors with case studies.

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Why is now a good time for Chinese brands to expand overseas?

  • The Chinese economy has entered a new era of high-quality development, meaning Chinese products are more competitive than ever.
  • Chinese brands can increase revenue sources.
  • Chinese brands can “put their eggs in more baskets” by investing in more than just one country’s market.
  • Chinese brands can leverage the country’s advantages, such as manufacturing and supply chain.
  • Enjoy government support for overseas business under the dual circulation development policy.

Some of common Chinese brand’s overseas expansion mistakes mentioned in our report

  • Not using the correct or sufficient distribution channels
  • Not valuing consumers’ personal data privacy
  • Poor or slow customer service
  • Plagiarism and copy catting, leading to lack of originality in design
  • Not understanding local culture and values, which results into falling into traps like stereotyping and cultural appropriation.
  • Lack of localization in terms of branding, product offering and international property collaborations

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