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Market analysis: Aramis in China

Aramis was set up in 1964 by the Estee Lauder Companies. It is a pioneer in high end personal care, skin care and perfumes, particularly for males. In 1984, gaining its inspiration from Italy, it launched a new fragrance called Tuscany. It has the smells of lavender, lemon, amber and leather and became one of the company’s signature products. In 1987, it created Lab Series Skincare for Men, a company that specializes in shaving products, body lotion, and clarifying lotion, all of which are leading skin care products for men. Now, the brand has sold its products in over 14,000 outlets in over 122 countries and districts. Its Aramis Classics is the first perfume for males that is sold in department stores, and is now still one of the world’s top ten classical perfumes for men. In 2003, the company released a new fragrance called Aramis Life. The name Aramis comes from Turkey, a country full of romance and special charm. This brand has stuck to its motto of ‘calling men to be aware of their appearance’, and is one of the few cosmetics brands designed exclusively for men.

Also, in 2008, Aramis launched hair care products for men. It is a complement for its treatment shampoo and root power hair tonics.

One celebrity played a big role in the development of Aramis as a company. Agassi, the legendary tennis player took part in the creation of Aramis Life, which reflected different facets of modern men. The fragrance represents passion, charm, maturity and confidence. The cooperation with Agassi made Aramis and Designer Fragrances, the perfume department of Estee Lauder, to be the biggest sponsor of Agassi’s charitable foundation.

Estee Lauder established its Asia R&D center in Shanghai(上海) in 2011. This reflects its confidence in further exploring the Asian market and its strong desire to become one of the world’s leading high-end cosmetics brands.

Currently, the brands of Estee Lauder that is sold in China include Estee Lauder, Clinique, LA MER, M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Aramis, Origins, and two authorized brands Tommy Hilfiger and Donna Karan. These products are sold in big department stores and perfume stores in 39 of China’s major cities. Also, Clinique, Estee Lauder, LA MER and M.A.C all have online e-commerce websites.

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Photo Source: Efubo