Camay in China

Camay, a Combination of Passion, Romance, Glamour, Joy, and Delication

Camay, a scented hand and body soap, is one of Procter & Gamble‘s most famous brands launched in 1986. It was inspired by superior French fragrances and has built a significant awareness in more than 60 countries. With the slogan of “Camay: the soap for beautiful women”, Camay entered into China market in 2009 and seized the opportunity to enlarge its market share to cover all first-tier and second-tier cities.

Key Words of Marketing Strategy: love and care

Basically, P&G always uses the same storyline within its TV commercials to build its awareness among the public to increase customer loyalty. That is P&G product helps you deal with a daily problem. You can find this route in VS, Pantene, Olay, and Hand & Shoulder. Although the marketing approaches of Camay was totally different with the previous one, it still took advantage of the mainstream emotion of Chinese customers to access to  the potential users. Camay’s fragrance was regarded as the core competence when it was put into China market. Compare to the strategy implemented by safeguard and Olay, Camay put more effort on the demand of females and targeted at the key words such as love and care.

Movie marketing: Sophie’s Revenge & Hot Summer Days

As for implant advertising, Camay cooperated with the famous Chinese film Sophie’s Revenge (非常完美), played by Zhang Ziyi(章子怡) and Fan Bingbing(范冰冰). Camay published the movie of new product on the film’s releasing day all over China. After this huge success, at the beginning of 2010, it continued to cooperate with another film named Hot Summer Days (全城热恋) and hit a second success.

Edited by Amy Wang, a China Consultant from Daxue Consulting