Autonomous driving in China: Shifting the car industry from products to services

Autonomous driving in China

The advent of autonomous driving in China has already provoked fundamental changes in the country’s automotive industry. For example, so-called robo-taxis are now commercially operating on Chinese streets in 2021. These vehicles drive fully autonomously, transporting passengers without human drivers. Autonomous vehicle (AV) sales in China are expected to exceed 33 million in 2040, approximately […]

Holographic communication in China: The future of offline advertising

Holographic communication in China

Holographic communication in China is increasingly common for museums, exhibition halls, theme parks and, what is important, for advertising.  To see the new advertising in China you don’t even need to wear any special glasses, as it is becoming a part of our life. The cost of holographic advertising varies according to different characteristics. The […]

XPENG: a Chinese EV maker’s “Internet DNA”

Xpeng or Xiaopeng Motors case study Chinese EV brand

XPENG, or Xiaopeng Motors, is one of the hottest Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers,  which gains its popularity from its technological innovations. After surges of Tesla and NIO stocks, two of the most discussed EV brands globally, XPENG’s stock’s exponential growth in November also caught investors and the general public’s attention. Compared to Tesla and NIO, […]

The electric vehicle market in China, a rising global leader in EV technology

electric vehicle market in China

With government support and new sustainable initiatives such as the 2060 carbon neutrality plan, the Electric vehicle market in China is an emerging and promising market. The Chinese EV market was growing by leaps from 2015 to 2018. However, it is facing the deceleration of growth from 2019, which was the first year that the […]

5G development in China: covering more industries and cities in 2020

5G development in China

The Chinese internet reaches 900 million people, most of which are mobile users, setting the foundation for success in 5G development. Forecasts show that Chinese 5G users will reach 650 million by 2023, covering around 40% of the Chinese population. Additionally, the government views 5G development in China as crucial to the country’s tech sector […]

8 Chinese EdTech start-ups leading the global educational technology industry

Chinese EdTech industry

Educational technologies in China. Educational technology is an often overlooked global phenomenon. In 2015, global EdTech companies took in more than $2.98 billion across 442 deals, and global EdTech funding jumped a whopping 58% in 2015 from the previous year. The global market is projected to grow at 17.0% per annum, to $252 billion by the […]

Cloud computing in China

cloud computing market in china

What is Cloud computing? Cloud computing is the storage and processing of data on remote data centers. Cloud storage reduces the burden on computers which makes possible more work flexibility. A large tech savvy population and need for data security drive the development of cloud computing in China. China has the largest online population in […]

China’s recovery from the Coronavirus outbreak

China's economic recovery from the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus’ impact on the Chinese economy hit some industries more than others. While some businesses still struggle to recover from shutdown; there is clear evidence for hope in China’s recovery from the Coronavirus. The Economist Intelligence Unit predicts China will be one of three G20 nations without an economic recession. Current predictions of China’s […]