Vegan meat in China: Why you should not sleep on this burgeoning industry

vegan meat market in China

As Chinese consumers are becoming more health aware, their needs for healthier substitutes of a wide range of consumer goods have had a strong impact on the F&B sector. Among the new industries surfing on the health trend, substitute meat in China has shown a lot of potential. The Chinese plant-based meat industry was worth […]

Eleme and Hanyi Fonts’ punny co-branded delivery bag

China co-branding campaign and hanyi fonts

In December 2020, and Hanyi fonts launched a clever and punny collaboration on delivery bags. (饿了么) is one of the largest online food delivery platforms in China, and a successful example of the O2O model. Hanyi Fonts (汉仪字库), founded in 1993 in Beijing. Hanyi Fonts specializes in e-font design and development, as well as […]

Five China market strategies that domestic brands do better than foreign brands

China marketing strategies that domestic brands do better than foreign brands

Foreign brands have enjoyed positive reputations in the Chinese market for years, but as China shifts to a consumption-driven economy, domestic brands are uncovering their home-field advantage. As the nation’s digital ecosystem becomes increasingly more complex and further diverges from what’s familiar to the west, Chinese companies are better able to navigate the digital world […]

Comparing Chinese and Western consumer habits

western consumer habits

Daxue consulting has launched its 7 Continents initiative to help Chinese brands reach the global market, including market research on western consumer habits. To learn more about our global strategy consulting for Chinese brands, visit our 7 Continents page. China’s economy has expanded rapidly and its middle-class has risen during these past years, resulting in […]

The juice market in China: is premiumizing to healthier products after stagnant growth

the fruit juice market in China

As the top fruit and vegetables producer in the world, one could expect the juice market in China to flourish alongside the country’s economic growth. However, data shows that the Chinese juice market has stagnated in recent years. While exports are booming, domestic consumption of fruit and vegetable juice have stopped the growth it had […]

Ponzi scheme or money revolution? Chinese perceptions of cryptocurrency and bitcoin

Chinese perceptions of cryptocurrency and bitcoin

Bitcoin had a more than 300% surge since 2020. Naturally, cryptocurrency has gained tremendous attention from various stakeholders in China. Additionally, massive capital is flowing into cryptocurrency market in China. With the heating up value on bitcoin, Chinese netizens debate whether cryptocurrency is a massive Ponzi scheme that produces a meaningless output, or if it […]

Has China’s coffee market already reached its full potential?

the coffee market in China

In a country culturally and historically attached to tea, the consumption of Coffee in China is a relatively recent phenomenon. Developing similarly to the Japanese coffee market, the Chinese coffee market only started to develop in the late 80’s and early 90’s with foreign imports. Notably, Nestlé entered the Chinese coffee market in 1989 and […]