The snacks market in China is becoming meatier, more convenient and healthier

snacks market in China

Driven by both increase in spending power and willingness to consume, the scale of snacks market in China has continued to expand.  According to Qianzhan, the Chinese snack market is expected to maintain a compound growth rate of over 6%, and was around 2.7 billion yuan in 2020, and by 2025 is expected to exceed […]

How China celebrates International Women’s Day

How Chinese celebrate International Women's Day

In 1908, more than 15,000 women marched in NYC demanding more appropriate working hours, better pay and voting rights. Three years later in 1911, Clara Zetkin, the leader of the Women’s Office for the Social Democratic Party in Germany, suggested that there should be a celebration of women every year in every country. International Women’s […]

Guide to social media platforms in China: Choosing the right platforms for your brand

social media platforms in China

Social media platforms in China are vastly different from the west. Strong censorship in the country blocks most large international social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, which forces China to create their own social media ecosystem shared with no other countries. Understanding the various social media platforms in China is crucial to engage […]

Feiyue’s global success proves the demand for Chinese cultural exports

Feiyue's global success

From the first registration of the Feiyue trademark in China in 1958, to 2006 when Patrice Bastian bought Feiyue’s trademark ownership in the European Union, and then to the renewed popularity of Dafu Feiyue after innovation by the inspiration of Culture Matters (CM), the Chinese street shoe brand’s road to international fame is anything but […]

The oat milk market in China: From cafés to nation-wide e-commerce

The oat milk market in China

Allied Market Research published a report indicating the global oat milk market amounted to $360.5 million in 2019, and is projected to generate $995.3 million by 2027: a CAGR of 13.4% from 2021 to 2027. According to Huaon, the plant-based milk market in China was 53.69 billion RMB in size in 2019 with 87.84 million […]

Chinese consumption during the 2021 Spring Festival reached 821 billion Yuan

Chinese consumption during the 2021 Spring Festival

The Chinese lunar New Year is traditionally the greatest human migration in modern times. However, in 2021, the traditional custom of returning home during 2021 Spring Festival was not encouraged due to a few local outbreaks of COVID-19. These inconveniences did not stop Chinese consumption during the 2021 Spring Festival. The total volume of Chinese […]

Survey on health perceptions in China: The results are in – TCM hasn’t lost it’s charm, carbs are healthy, meal replacement is in, and keto is out

survey on health perceptions in China

With the development of economy, Chinese pay more attention to their health and are willing to pay more on health products. Correspondingly, health perceptions in China are becoming more scientific and the country is rapidly becoming the world’s largest market for healthy eating. Daxue consulting conducted a survey to learn more about the promising wellness […]