The condiment and sauce market in China | daxue consulting

saices and condiments in China

The demand for condiments and sauces is rapidly growing in China.  The market is versatile, international brand provides both western and Chinese products. Drivers of the condiment and sauce market in China include; increasing acceptance of western sauces and condiments, increasing income, and diversification of the restaurant industry. Additionally, the condiment market in China has […]

Daxue Talks 2: Everything you need to know about WFOE in China in 2019

WFOE changes China 2019

WFOE in China in 2019 The first guest of the Daxue Talks China business vlog, Nicolas Coster, French business lawyer who specialized in FDI, shares the legal requirements of wholly foreign-owned enterprises in China. In this episode, in three and a half minutes we tried to clarify frequently asked questions about wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) […]

Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong: Why is HK so attractive? | Daxue Consulting

Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong

Chinese companies seek to buy IPO in Hong Kong Chinese society also pays much attention to Hong Kong stock market news and Chinese companies listed in Hong Kong, and the number of this crowd is going up year-by-year. With the stock trading regulations that allow Chinese investors to purchase stocks in Hong Kong stock market, […]

Leveraging Guanxi for Business – Approaching the mindset behind Guanxi | Daxue Consulting


Guanxi is one of the most commonly discussed topics in Chinese society. It refers to one’s set of social relationships, ties, or networks that can be leveraged for personal or professional purposes. Commonly misunderstood for bribery or corruption, Guanxi is a topic often oversimplified or stereotyped by Western understanding, especially in the context of business. […]

The Red Packets advent in anticipation of the upcoming 2019 Spring Festival | Daxue Consulting

Chinese New Year gifts

“Not only Hongbao (红包, which means “red packets” are the red envelopes with money inside) should be present in the money transactions scenario, it’s also supposed to facilitate emotion expression and interesting interaction,” stated by Zhang Xiaolong, credited as “Father of WeChat”.,senior executive vice president and president of WeChat Group during the 2019 Wechat Open […]