Why Beijing’s crackdown on the Chinese entertainment industry matters to global brands

crackdown on the Chinese entertainment industry

The recent crackdown on the Chinese entertainment industry is just one in a series of restructured regulations China has enforced in 2021. Other industries affected by such changing policies under General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping’s ‘common prosperity’ campaign include gaming, private online education, and real estate. The recent crackdown on the […]

Renewable energy in China: Finding the path to carbon neutrality by 2060

renewable energy in China

China is the leading investor in renewable energy in the world.  In 2019, for example, the global renewable energy investment was 282 billion US dollars and China invested 87 billion US dollars. These investments help develop renewable energy in China while meeting increasing energy needs. Over the past decade, China has become a world leader in […]

What Chinese netizens say about the US 2020 election

What Chinese netizens say about the US 2020 election

On Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, the 2020 US Presidential Election drew attention from all around the world, including China. Considering the tense relationship between the two countries, it is not surprising. This year’s election was the hottest foreign-political topic on Chinese social media, even more heated than the 2016 election. Through social media listening, we can […]

China’s startup scene: Lively, relentless, and unmatched by anything else

China's startup scene

China’s startup scene has its ups and downs but has never been inactive. The country has long recognized the importance of startups in boosting economy and employment, and therefore has invested in startup ecosystems. On the one hand, the huge and homogeneous Chinese market offers a natural experiment field for aspiring entrepreneurs. On the other […]

How Chinese netizens react to the Black Lives Matter protests in the US

Chinese netizens reaction to black lives matter protests

A spark arises in the quiet Midwestern city of Minneapolis, Minnesota and within a week, the whole country catches fire from New York to Los Angeles. Since the death of Gorge Floyd, an African American who was suffocated to death by police on May 25th, thousands of Americans brave the curfews and confinement rules linked […]