Gucci’s strategy in China: What has Gucci done right to win China over?

Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, Gucci is one of the oldest Italian luxury brands in operation today. Starting out in a small fashion house as a luggage manufacturer, producing luxury travel goods primarily for Italy’s wealthier classes, after 100 years’ development, now this brand has become a top-notch global brand and expanded its variety […]

Exploring the Metaverse in China: Who is investing and could it be regulated?

Metaverse gains traction in China

Metaverse is the latest technology industry buzzword as Facebook rebranded itself to Meta. Metaverse crypto tokens such as MANA soared high following the announcement. One day after, the Chinese search-engine tech giant Baidu applied to trademark the term ‘metaapp’, while Chinese gaming giant NetEase also filed dozens of metaverse-related trademark applications. The trademarked phrases include […]

P&G Shampoo Brand Rejoice proves to consumers that beauty can be more than just seen in campaign targeting visually impaired women

Rejoice Shampoo campaign visually impaired women advertisement P&G

On 14th October, P&G’s shampoo brand Rejoice launched its first accessibility-themed public service advertisement (PSA) film. The campaign reexamines the traditional definition of beauty from the perspective of four visually impaired women. By arguing that “beauty can be more than just seen”, Rejoice not only turns the public’s attention to the neglected visually impaired group […]

China travel retail market report

Travel retail in China

Now is the prime time to start your China travel retail market strategy, and this report shows why. The new duty-free policies boost domestic travel retail sales, including a cancellation of the 8K RMB / person spending limit for each item. Sales of Duty-Free goods in Hainan increased 103% YoY in 2020. Lastly, Brick and […]

Checking the health of online clothing rental services in China

online clothing rental services in China

According to a report jointly released by Bain & Co. and the TMall Luxury Division, mainland China accounted for 20% of the world’s luxury industry last year and it is going to become the largest luxury market by 2025. Unlike the in the past, nowadays Chinese consumers’ reluctance to purchase pre-owned luxury clothing is gradually […]

Survey on fitness beliefs and exercise habits in China

survey on fitness habits in China

The scale of the Chinese sports and fitness industry is exploding. According to data compiled by the Chinese General Administration of Sports, from 2016 to 2025, the number of athletically engaged people in China will grow by 39%, from 360 million to 500 million. Not only will there be more athletes and fitness fans, but […]

More powerful than “I love you”: Gift giving culture among Chinese couples

gift giving culture among Chinese couples

Across many cultures, gift giving has stuck out as an important way to express love and commitment in a relationship. China’s gift giving culture expands far beyond romantic relationships to include family, friends and even business relationships, but gift giving in romantic relationships remains tradition during China’s six valentines days. Although feminism is gaining momentum […]

Maia Active: An Asian women-oriented active-wear brand

maia active's China market strategy

Maia Active was founded in 2016 by Lisa Ou and Mia Wang and is a Chinese designer sportswear brand for Asian women. Through the development of technical sports fabrics and the use of fashionable elements and colors, the Chinese fitness apparel brand designs active-wear that fits Asian bodies and is regarded as a fashionable brand. […]

Digital advertising in China, using simple platforms to engage Chinese customers: China Paradigm transcript #121 with Jie Zhang

digital marketing in China

Founded AdChina in 2015, provides a SaaS-based solution allowing foreign companies to do digital advertising in China across many local platforms. They received their first round of VC investment in 2019. Founder Jie Zhang’s educational experience was at Fudan University, where he studied physics. His previous work experience includes 10 years working for Huawei, […]

The LGBT Market in China | A rising pink economy

pink economy in China

The Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in China has been getting their voices heard since the 1980’s. This is resulting from engaging dialogue about the queer identity in the public domain. However, in 2021, the LGBT culture in China still stays largely underground. Despite being underground, there has been significant progress over the […]